SmartCloud Monitoring for Mobile Device - Android and IOS

SmartCloud LLC
How to setup Nagios or OMD Monitoring on Android or Apple Mobile Devices
For Android use aNag.  App can be downloaded from Play Store and is free.
Once installed go to Settings (icon in upper right corner) > Monitoring Instances > Add instance.
Instance Name: SmartCloud Nagios ( We suggest you use this but you can choose another) 
For Nagios
For OMD Advanced Monitoring
The "username" and "password" will be provide to you by the SmartCloud IT technician. 
User: "username"
Password: "password"
Default settings for remaining items should work. 
Save the settings
Return to the Main Window
Use the Refresh icon to update the screen.  Subsequent updates will happen in the background automatically.  
For more information consult the aNag documentation.

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