Smart Cloud Office and Dropbox

SmartCloud LLC
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Updated 6/16/2022
Ver 1.2
Dropbox is unsupported at this time on the Smart Cloud Desktop.
We want to make the Smart Cloud Desktops as Secure, Functional, and User Friendly as possible.   As such we recommend you install only supported applications. 
At this we do support Dropbox due to the way is utilizes disk space. 
The virtual desktops are designed to store their data on network shared folders.  As such they have only sufficient hard drive space for the OS to function normally.
Dropbox is designed to store its files on the local drive.  Over time Dropbox uses all available disk space making the desktop unstable or even unusable. 
In addition, there are security concerns.  Dropbox is generally a personal account which means that employees upload proprietary company files to a personal account where they remain after the employee has left the company.