How to use SmartCloud Smart Mail File Sharing

SmartCloud LLC
281-970-1234 Opt 2
Updated 6/16/2022
Ver 2.1.1
To use the file sharing logon to the webmail here.
1.  Open SmartCloud Smart Mail Webmail
2.  Login with your email address and password
3.  Click on File Storage Tab
4.  Click All Files on the left column
5.  Click Upload and browse to the file. 
Once you uploaded your file you can share a file by Clicking on it.
1. Select Enable Public Access
2. Enter a secure password and confirm
3. Click the box that looks like two sheets of paper to copy the URL link for the file.  
4. Send the URL link to your recipient
If you are sharing a number of files we suggest you zip them and upload the zip file for sharing.
Comprehensive File Sharing instructions can be found in the Online Help Menu from the upper right corner.