Restarting your Smart Cloud Virtual Desktop

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Updated 6/16/2022
Ver 1.2
Restarting your Smart Cloud Virtual Desktop
A virtual desktop is like a typical physical windows desktop in that in requires periodic maintenance to operate smoothly. 
SmartCloud virtual desktops are scheduled to restart twice weekly during routine maintenance.  Occasionally you may need to restart the desktop to resolve issues with a particular application you are using.
Save and close all applications before performing a restart.  Failing to do so can leave the desktop in an unusable state. 
A Restart option has been added to your Smart Cloud Desktop.  While logged into your Smart Cloud Remote Desktop click on the Start button. You will see an arrow next to Log Off > and a menu with Restart. Click the Restart to reboot the Smart Cloud Desktop.  Make sure to close all your applications and save files before restarting. 
It typically takes less than a minute for your Smart Cloud Desktop to restart.  However, if there are pending Windows updates they will automatically be installed during the restart. If this is the case then a restart can take longer depending on the size and number of updates which are being installed.
You can log back on immediately after the restart is complete and begin working.