SmartCloud Password Requirements

SmartCloud LLC
281-970-1234 Opt 2
Updated 5/22/2023
Ver 2.3
Real People, not just Clouds
At SmartCloud your security is always important to us. For this reason proper password selection is critical.
To initiate a password change call our support or email the helpdesk.  For security never send a password via email.  Passwords are conveyed via phone or text. 
Your password must contain all of the following.
Password Requirements:
13 characters minimum.
Must contain:
At least one UPPER case character.
At least one lower case character
At least one number 1, 2, 3, 4…
At least one special character like / \ # $ % & etc.
Passwords may Not contain any part of the user name
A phrase is acceptable "MyCatlikesour13d0gs!",  "TheMooninSpainhas44moods#".
To change your SmartMail IMAP email password you can logon to the SmartCloud web interface with your email and current password.
Select settings from the left-hand toolbar(two overlapping gears). The window that comes up will show the change password option.
Why do we require this?  As technology changes attackers become more sophisticated. It becomes easier for them to crack passwords. How easy?  See the following references
Password complexity and time to compromise here.
How secure is your password, check here.
Keep in mind that between the time this article was updated and you read this these numbers may have been shortened significantly.
Some safety tips. 
  • Do not use public Wi-Fi unless you it it absolutely necessary, this includes coffee shops, airports etc.
  • Never enter your password at a public terminal
  • Never send passwords via email
If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.
Thank you!
SmartCloud LLC