Print2Fax setup

Go to:
click user login top right corner
Click Cloud Fax Web Portal
Log in with the user email address (example
If password dont work (it shouldnt if its the old one) then use the reset password button.
When you are logged in that means you have the right password, needed for next step.
Open Print2Fax on the user machine.
In the top right corner click login.
For this login, it might be two different ways to login.  One being the MBX number and the password, or it could be the email address with the password.  I did experience both and not sure why.
After you are logged in, click on settings.
change the settings to reflect whats in the image.
Active transport technology - Direct submission
Display transmission Status
Auto close
Then click sender infomration
Make sure Remember credentials are check.
Change the email notification to required and enter the email address for the user.
Click Apply
Click ok.
that should be it.
If the user logs into the concord portal they can see the outbound fax with the status.
A list of users with the new MBX number is in a file in PPM network info/concord folder.

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