How to configure Android for Exchange

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Updated 5/31/2023
Ver 1.2
Android v12 - v13
How to configure Android for Exchange
In Setting > Accounts and backup > Manage Accounts > Add account
Select  Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync
Enter your Email Address and Password and then select Sign In
Android v12
Android v13 will look like this.
Enter your Email Address
Your phone should automatically detect the settings.
If after thirty seconds it does not automatically detect the settings press the back button
and Enter
Email Address: Full Email Address
Domain\username:, Include the "\"
Normally the same as your email depending on  your company setup. 
Note: It could be different if you have a hybrid domain or use SmartCloud Remote Desktop. 
If you use Remote Desktop the username is the same as your Remote Desktop logon.
Server name:
and press Next
Android v12
Android v13
On the next screen Apply the security settings.
At the next screen you may choose to Change the Email sync period.  The default of three days is rather short.
Select Done.
if prompted Accept the Activate device admin app which is a employer security measure.
That's it, you are all done.
If for any reason you have any difficulties cancel and return to adding account. 
On the Exchange ActiveSync screen select Manual setup.  Enter your Username and Password and then use the third image above to populate the mail server name.